you’re such a mystery

3 Feb

Title from the extremely catchy of Montreal song The Party’s Crashing Us. It is dance-worthy, it gets stuck in my head for hours until only Sigur Rós can get it out.

Well, today was alright. Gave Wil his mixtape, he kind of made a noise of assent which lifted my spirits. Currently listening to Ryan’s, which is probably my favourite of the lot. Tomorrow he will recieve it!

(unless, of course, I choose to keep it for a few more days cos it’s a very catchy mix.)

Also: last night, I compiled a rough list of my top 10 albums (ever); however, thislist does not have a number one spot and will probably never have one. I have a philosophy about top-whatever lists that no one else seems to get. Basically, I can’t call something my number one favorite until I’ve experienced every single one of those things. This philosophy is exponentially easier to go through with types of goat rather than albums. Plus, my music knowledge is fairly limited, so I am constantly finding more bands that are cool/very good. For perspective, I hadn’t really listened to Neutral Milk Hotel until about two months ago, and they are AWESOME. I have yet to listen to their full albums, but they’re the first things I’m going to buy when I get up to the States. (Or Paris.)

I’ll type that up next post, as I have math homework to do that may reach down my gullet and throttle me. Ugh, trigonometric identities. Why?

Also did some midnight drabbles, might type those up later.

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