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27 Jan

okay, maybe I just like abusing special accented characters, so sue me.

Anyway. Today was pretty great, nothing really new to report EXCEPT
that Jenna (w/ a J) is probably burning me one of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s CDs AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Cue gasp! I cannot wait to stick it into my boombox and start drawing; it opens up awesome ideas from the deep crevasses of my cerebrum.
No progress on my paradigm. Been feeling little pips (okay, strange word, but that is quite accurately what they feel like) of love or something whenever I see either of them- oh, what will I do?Hence the paradigm, as above. I will hopefully come to a conclusion soon- but I’ll probably keep stewing about it for a few months more.
Going to take a picture of my room (or my cave, really) and place it upon here at the soonest opportunity so y’all can see where I live during the weekdays. I merely come out to use the washroom and eat. It is a magnificent cave, if I do say so myself…and pictures will be provided later.
Cast of Characters page will be updated hopefully sometime this weekend, if not then the following week. I will get it done, just there are obstacles in the way (namely, my little sister) that I must first move/get rid of.
Also: I need new headphones. I am going to check Urban Outfitters (they have some nice-looking ones for 60 bucks, but I’m more concerned about durability than sound quality at the moment). Anyone got a good brand that is very durable and has a reasonable price?
Will write more tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.


26 Jan

Hoo boy.

Firstly, a huge happy birthday to Jeff, who is like my very distant cousin in New York that writes and debates beautifully. Cheers, sir! I hope you get to see MIA in the near future!

In case you’re wondering, we are not blood-related. Long story short, he is the blood cousin of my pseudo-brother Sam (I have known him from seven years of age), therefore he is my pseudo-cousin. I hope you capiche, because there is no way I’m going to type that out again, especially on this teeny iPod keyboard. Draaahh.
But on the subject of pseudo-relatives, my friends and I have a pretty complex idea of who is whose cousin, who is their uncle, etc. I am (somehow) Lillian’s cousin and half-sister. I’m also Genna’s cousin, sister, and aunt.
We have tried to draw the whole mess (there are quite a few more people involved) out, but it requires non-Euclidean geometry and frankly makes my brain curl up and die just trying to think of it.

Listening to Contra (Diplomat’s Son, if you want to be specific), I am glad that it is at least okay. If they continue in this vein I will be pleased- if, however, they pull a Kings Of Leon on me, I may find Mr. Indecipherable Name Singer and clock him over the head with a Telecaster until he regains his senses. If I cannot find a Tele, I will use my massive Jazz Bass and clock him a few times with that.
Seriously though, that thing is heavy. For those of you who have never handled a guitar before (I hadn’t until ninth grade), a Jazz Bass is a type of bass made by Fender. It’s solidbody, which basically means it’s got no holes in it. It is a hunk ‘o’ wood. I could feasibly break many things wih it. Though I wouldn’t, of course, since I like my bass and don’t want it all splintered up and ruined. So, moral of the story: Don’t hit people with large melodic blunt objects.
Well, I’ll write more tomorrow (as usual); hopefully I will do the following before I start writing:
a) Argue with my Art teacher about my painting, which she constantly says “needs more darks.” I say “Screw it, I’m not done yet,” but she’s back talking to the other chicks in class. I like surrealism and Japanese old-school woodblocks (hence the thousands of prints I did- UGH PRINTS), but she doesn’t dig them nearly as much. Which leads to the current scenario; the other students are both doing landscapes in oil, while I’m doing a piece of a skeleton kind of breathing these paisley things. We’ll see which one she gives the better grade (landscape.) and which one she yaps about being too “cartoony” and “light.”
Jeezus murphy. I’ll deal with it. The verdict tomorrow!
Oh, and: I’m on Flannel Watch for Jacob right now, specifically Flannel Wih Pockets Watch. Ahaha. Lillian is the only one who knows why this is so grand, but it is grand indeed.

occasional austerity

26 Jan

Currently listening to Passion Pit: Swimming In A Flood

Good song, very mellow for them.

Anyway. Today was pretty alright, despite a) My sister got the newest Owl City CD and is now playing it ad infinitum, much to my displeasure. Ugggh, Owl City; and b) I am swimming between two ideas, both of which will change things pretty irreparably.

I think someone has caught on to my code names again, dammit.

But I’ll deal with that later, since I changed the song (I’ve been saturated with Passion Pit for a while) to Black Moth Super Rainbow (!!!! YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM!!!)’s song Drippy Eye, which is instrumental electronica with a nice backbeat and a flute- oh, it’s better than it sounds (to me at least), here is the link. It’s pretty great, I am getting Jenna (with a J) to burn a CD of theirs for me.

Oh! New people will be added to the Cast Of Characters page in the next few days (or whenever I get my act together enough to actually draw peeps). They will include Kathleen, Jenna (w/ a J), Ray-Quan/Parker, Adara, Nay-Nay, Will (2 Ls!), and possibly Sam if I can figure out to draw him. J’nee will be added as well if I can figure out how to draw her.

Woohoo! Drawing duties!

Expect these to be a bit better than the earlier ones, as time has elapsed since I drew them.


Will write more later tonight.

when roses fall from the ceiling

25 Jan

There is no need to duck.

Hey, original title! Sweet, I am creative!

Today limped along like a lame horse (in both senses of the word.) I have something wrong with my throat, though it doesn’t hurt, and cannot laugh without wheezing weirdly. On the plus side, Ryan finally presented me with a prickly pear (delicious) and then proceeded to interrogate me about who I found attractive in the high school, a question which I was rather hesitant to answer and instead just spat out a series of “I don’t know”s that he scoffed at. “What do you mean, you don’t know? It’s your own opinion.”
But I’d like to keep that particular opinion to myself, sir.

Besides that, school passed uneventfully, then my mum came to pick me up for a doctor’s appointment. Aaand, five hours later, here I am sitting on my bed, my dog lying by my feet and looking like she’s just passed out. (I took her for a long walk.)

Did some midnight drabbles last night, let’s see if they’re readable!
and other modern topics of conversation have no sense in destiny alongside the dead. Tomorrow is merely today with half a shot of scotch- our lies with noneothers’ in case of a zombie attack, I am well supplied with ninjas. I may attack you ’till the night ends, turning into the day
else I may not sleep tonight. Shock are like antler stirrel- oh that is what you are to me, an—
Merely serves to endear you in any hunted of in and underneath the hitler loves dance with an empty bar, wood slats over the top of your hand, underneath your family grew and flourished but really wasn’t all that bad. I may have broken records of honesty and terrible, lyrically axe meanies you may well me one of the awesomes fabulous things, scarves dressed into your worldly lifestyle, you could help me with an
I kind of might have eaten one of the toros on the floor. Yeah, these awesome bench wares.
A surprising amount was legible, but there are still bits and pieces that I can’t read at all.

Will write more tomorrow. G’night.

and other sinful matters

24 Jan

Haha, oh today is wonderful so far, despite not getting in contact with anyone over the weekend. Meh.
But as soon as I think that, I twirl around and WOO BONNAROO
It will be impossible to make me unhappy for the next little while.

Dang, forgot what I was going to write about- well, rest assured that it probably had nothing to do with life in general.

So after the last few days, I’ve realized that I’ve finally let go of Shuggie and cut all of the strange romantic undertones off of our friendship. It is liberating. And also- I have more friends now, so I don’t need to be clinging to his advice/stories any longer. Thank you infinite amounts, Fauberge: you were kind about it all, and understood, and offered to break it all off- but I’d never be able to forgive myself, and I knew I had to change. Still, though- you stuck with me when I was a snivelling wreck, crying on the stairs of the Pavilion and explaining my dilemma through wracking sobs. You knew. You patted my back comfortingly, said the right words- put my heart back together and glued it in place. Thank you, Fauberge.

I kind of hope that she thanks me sometimes, too- maybe not like this, where other people can see- but I remember a few years ago, we ran down to the bottom of the hill and someone mentioned that thing you hate/fear and you started freaking out, but I gave you a humongous hug and you got better.

Thank you.

Will write more later.

our lives in a nutshell

23 Jan

Ah, today was alright. Didn’t see anyone I knew or anything, but:

Oh, I nearly decapitated someone when my dad said he was going to buy the tickets. He is getting the frigging VIP tickets- I cannot wrap my mind around this concept, I may be able to realize my life goal of giving Wayne Coyne a big hug. OH THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME.

Also, I’ve been reading Jeph Jacques’s LiveJournal, and he has one of the most entertaining posts about band personifications (link later); however, he forgot Sigur Ros so I’ll write my own:
Sigur Rós was that shy transfer studentwith a thick accent nobody could understand, but he bought you roses on Valentine’s Day.

I might do more of these, they are kind of fun. Actually…
Cold War Kids was nice, not too overbearing, then you went to his house and he had John Coltrane records framed on the walls next to a poster of Dizzy Gillespie.

Cake was a total jackass, but you didn’t care because he was a bloody hilarious jackass and knew how to sweettalk his way into anyplace.

The National was that guy in the corner who always seemed so cool, but then you finally got around to talking to him and he turned out to be a pretentious prick with a chip on his shoulder, but with the most lovely voice. You went out with him, but thought to yourself “Never again” after it was over.

Kings Of Leon was that kind of hickish guy you had a one nigt stand with. You ran into him a few years later and he was rich, clean-cut, and barely hanging on to his Texas twang.

Beirut was the studious guy in the library who peppered his speech with allusions to Greek mythology. He wrote you a poem to ask you out, with the footnote in French.

White Denim was that guy who you thought might have been on massive amounts of acid, but turned out to be getting his PH D in a few weeks.

Dungen smoked pot but you liked him because he would start talking about the universe in a thick accent. You kissed him on top of a woody hill.

Passion Pit seemed like the average geek, but then you looked at some of his computer files and found ACII portraits of butterflies and dogs and eagles. He was still a geek, though, and you couldn’t hold up much of a conversation with him.

I like those.

Anyway, will write more soonish. G’night.

red right ankle

23 Jan

title is a decemberists song, I don’t know what it sounds like and cannot be bothered to look it up.

SO! Today started with a little bit of sadness- Fauberge and Shuggie, namely- but curiously I really don’t care about that anymore, it is over and I may now begin to look at Shuggie as a friend. (Moreso than before.) I also have noticed that I’ve started picking out the little things about Shuggie I don’t like, maybe as a sort of justification why…

you know, I’m just circling back to where I started.

ANYWAY that aside, I’ve been starting to think about things that I need to change- things that I need to cut the strings of- things that I’d like to create-

oh but it is so hard, so hard to think like this, with a broken heart and a yearning soul and being divided between two courses of action, both equally attainable, both with consequences that could ruin friendships, but I cannot decide between them oh I cannot decide.

shit this music, it is making me cry. Stafraenn Hakon-Veggur, if you’re wondering, is the song, and it is lovely wordless sad triumph of life over all else, but sad at the same time, sad enough to have me sniffling as I write this. But so beautiful, so beautiful. I think my heart just burst.

-yesterday he looked up at me, our eyes met, it was a strange moment of serendipity, then I couldn’t take it anymore and looked down. A few seconds later, I could feel his eyes on me, wondering, watching, and it was all I could do not to look up and meet them again, share another small moment.

of course, he could have been seeing something else.

did some midnight drabbles, here they are:

nothing is wrong but nothing is right either- your mind is a steel trap but mine is a little loose since you shan’t recall me to

ffffffff stupid terrible handwriting.

Anyway, going to do other stuff besides moping around and being a mopey mope moperson.