occasional austerity

26 Jan

Currently listening to Passion Pit: Swimming In A Flood

Good song, very mellow for them.

Anyway. Today was pretty alright, despite a) My sister got the newest Owl City CD and is now playing it ad infinitum, much to my displeasure. Ugggh, Owl City; and b) I am swimming between two ideas, both of which will change things pretty irreparably.

I think someone has caught on to my code names again, dammit.

But I’ll deal with that later, since I changed the song (I’ve been saturated with Passion Pit for a while) to Black Moth Super Rainbow (!!!! YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM!!!)’s song Drippy Eye, which is instrumental electronica with a nice backbeat and a flute- oh, it’s better than it sounds (to me at least), here is the link. It’s pretty great, I am getting Jenna (with a J) to burn a CD of theirs for me.

Oh! New people will be added to the Cast Of Characters page in the next few days (or whenever I get my act together enough to actually draw peeps). They will include Kathleen, Jenna (w/ a J), Ray-Quan/Parker, Adara, Nay-Nay, Will (2 Ls!), and possibly Sam if I can figure out to draw him. J’nee will be added as well if I can figure out how to draw her.

Woohoo! Drawing duties!

Expect these to be a bit better than the earlier ones, as time has elapsed since I drew them.


Will write more later tonight.


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