and other sinful matters

24 Jan

Haha, oh today is wonderful so far, despite not getting in contact with anyone over the weekend. Meh.
But as soon as I think that, I twirl around and WOO BONNAROO
It will be impossible to make me unhappy for the next little while.

Dang, forgot what I was going to write about- well, rest assured that it probably had nothing to do with life in general.

So after the last few days, I’ve realized that I’ve finally let go of Shuggie and cut all of the strange romantic undertones off of our friendship. It is liberating. And also- I have more friends now, so I don’t need to be clinging to his advice/stories any longer. Thank you infinite amounts, Fauberge: you were kind about it all, and understood, and offered to break it all off- but I’d never be able to forgive myself, and I knew I had to change. Still, though- you stuck with me when I was a snivelling wreck, crying on the stairs of the Pavilion and explaining my dilemma through wracking sobs. You knew. You patted my back comfortingly, said the right words- put my heart back together and glued it in place. Thank you, Fauberge.

I kind of hope that she thanks me sometimes, too- maybe not like this, where other people can see- but I remember a few years ago, we ran down to the bottom of the hill and someone mentioned that thing you hate/fear and you started freaking out, but I gave you a humongous hug and you got better.

Thank you.

Will write more later.


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