our lives in a nutshell

23 Jan

Ah, today was alright. Didn’t see anyone I knew or anything, but:

Oh, I nearly decapitated someone when my dad said he was going to buy the tickets. He is getting the frigging VIP tickets- I cannot wrap my mind around this concept, I may be able to realize my life goal of giving Wayne Coyne a big hug. OH THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME.

Also, I’ve been reading Jeph Jacques’s LiveJournal, and he has one of the most entertaining posts about band personifications (link later); however, he forgot Sigur Ros so I’ll write my own:
Sigur Rós was that shy transfer studentwith a thick accent nobody could understand, but he bought you roses on Valentine’s Day.

I might do more of these, they are kind of fun. Actually…
Cold War Kids was nice, not too overbearing, then you went to his house and he had John Coltrane records framed on the walls next to a poster of Dizzy Gillespie.

Cake was a total jackass, but you didn’t care because he was a bloody hilarious jackass and knew how to sweettalk his way into anyplace.

The National was that guy in the corner who always seemed so cool, but then you finally got around to talking to him and he turned out to be a pretentious prick with a chip on his shoulder, but with the most lovely voice. You went out with him, but thought to yourself “Never again” after it was over.

Kings Of Leon was that kind of hickish guy you had a one nigt stand with. You ran into him a few years later and he was rich, clean-cut, and barely hanging on to his Texas twang.

Beirut was the studious guy in the library who peppered his speech with allusions to Greek mythology. He wrote you a poem to ask you out, with the footnote in French.

White Denim was that guy who you thought might have been on massive amounts of acid, but turned out to be getting his PH D in a few weeks.

Dungen smoked pot but you liked him because he would start talking about the universe in a thick accent. You kissed him on top of a woody hill.

Passion Pit seemed like the average geek, but then you looked at some of his computer files and found ACII portraits of butterflies and dogs and eagles. He was still a geek, though, and you couldn’t hold up much of a conversation with him.

I like those.

Anyway, will write more soonish. G’night.

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