beneath my bed a monster lurks

22 Jan

So! The weekend! Oh, it is long overdue, but I am merely happy at the momen that I don’t have to do anything for two days. (Well, nothing besides perhaps helping out a public artis with this plaque idea at ten thirty tomorrow at the Fredriksted museum [COFF COFF RYAN COFF COFF]).
So I’m hoping me and my momma can go hit up Officemax and get some new blank CDs, as the ones we have are craptastic. In the meantime I’m gonna make album covers for my mixtape gifts. They will be quite the shiznit, if I do say so myself. Pictures will be provided (as well as simple instructions) once I’m done.
Listening to Sufjan, I am feeling like a jellyfish and a bump on a log at the same time: I don’t think I could be much more mellow than this. Go ahead, try to make me scream about large sea mammals. TRY.

Completely different subject: Taschen may admire/respect me more than previously thought. Updates upon that subject later, or when I can safely make a conclusion about the little phenomena that are his eyes.

Will write more later.


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