oh, the city of oil outside my window

21 Jan

It never sleeps – or has anyone within its iron welded walls.

Sorry for the whole “three posts in one day” thing, but I usually write in little bits (unless I am hyped up on sugary coffee), so this is probably gonna be the last one for the day before I turn in. Yes, I go to bed rather early. Yes, I have finished my homework. I am not a crazy psycho. I merely work quickly- been like this since childhood, it is not that weird that I can finish a worksheet in ten minutes.
Anyway, junior year grieviances aside, I am listening to Sufjan Stevens and I have nearly cried twice. I am not even in a cry-y mood! Fauberge and Shuggie are in the back of my mind! Hove is steadily growing more marvellous as the days creep on! WHAT, MR. STEVENS, DO YOU HAVE AGAINST MY DRY-EYEDNESS?!

Well, tomorrow’s approaching, and my brain is slowly shutting down- goodnight guys.

Please read my movie thingy, as several posts after this will probably reference it and list plans for filming it/editing it/ doing the soundtrack. Thank you!


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