the rabid glow is like braille to the night

20 Jan

lyrics in the title taken from what is probably my favourite Interpol song, Leif Erikson. I am currently making like fifty mixtapes for a bunch of my buddies, and currently having a hard time doing so for Jacob (he has pretty much the same music taste as I do, give or take a few bands [Dungen]). What I have gotten so far is rather nice, so I think I’ll burn all the mixes sometime soon, or as soon as I get to OfficeMax to buy some new blank CDs. Jeezus.

Anyway, starting to regret writing Mindguisings, I may actually take it down pretty soon as I was in a very bad mood when I wrote it, and the person it’s ranting about really doesn’t deserve any of that hate. For one thing, I only saw everything that happened from my perspective, so I have no idea what he was thinking at the time-

you know, I’m just gonna let it go. And no, he won’t be deleted from the character page. That was dumb.

THIS is what I am kind of currently working on:

Yeah, I know, crappy, but I’m just doing the sketches. For some reason, all the people I draw seem to be cut off like right beneath the crotch. It is a little weird. I must attempt to draw more people with legs. Maybe they’re all amputees! AHA!

Gonna make some mixtapes, maybe post them up here for reference. Shweet!


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