the fear slowly encroaches

15 Jan

Have you ever been afraid? Not screaming-scary-movie afraid, but genuinely fearing for your life afraid?
I haven’t been. There is a certain strangeness to how I think: things that bother others do not faze me, while things that bother me usually get a ‘meh’ out of others. I am weird that way. It’s also probably due to my mild hand fetish (I really, really like hands), and my liking of broken/destroyed things. The only thing that really makes me sad about broken things is when they’ve been abandoned. Like teddybears- when a child is cuddling one close, it doesn’t matter how beat up the bear is. But when it’s sitting out alone on the street, that is heartrending. I once wrote a poem about that, actually. Can’t be bothered to write it out again here, so imagine a poem.
But back to the fear thing. Ryan has told me about his experience of being in an extremely powerful earthquake in Peru, and how terrifying it was to see everyone huddled in the streets, crying, praying, screaming, some combination of all three. I have been in a much weaker earthquake and can tell you that it is very very scary. We are used to the earth being a constant, always steady beneath our feet, dependable. Which is why it’s so jarring to have wave under your feet.
I was in bed when the earthquake happened. 6:30ish, I think, and it was maybe a 3 or 4 on the Richter scale, but I’m not sure. It was the strangest sensation- I thought I was still dreaming, then I realized I was wide awake. I had an insane urge to crawl under the bed. Instead, I rode the quake out. It felt like the same shaking as on a small sailboat- occilating rapidly, an almost soothing movement if not for the fact that it is very capable of killing you.
And that was a weak one.
I think maybe we should be a little more respectful to Mother Nature, ‘cos she can do some pretty scary stuff.

Anyway. I hope most of you have donated a little to Haiti, they are in dire need and would greatly appreciate even a few dollars. Also, if you’re religious, send some prayers their way. They certainly won’t be wasted. If you’re atheist, at least send a postcard or think positive thoughts. They need all the help and encouragement they can get.

And with that, good night. Happy birthday, Wil!

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