quetzal feathers glued to your cape

13 Jan

Listened to Contra twice, it is growing on me. I don’t like all the electronicness they’re bringing in, and as someone said: “WHERE ARE THE POLYRHYTHMS?!”
Cousins is probably my favorite song off of the album, Horchata is growing on me (slowly). Might like it more in a few days, but right now it’s merely a ‘meh’ on a scale from 1-awesome.
Anyway. Music aside, today turned out to be a pretty alright day. The class that I was talking about earlier, Think Tank, is awesome, though if Mrs Roth sees fit she may kick me out because I am a junior. I asked her if she could keep me in the class and I was met with an “I’ll think about it…”. At least there is a chance!
I kind of want it to rain.


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