you ain’t got no soul power

8 Jan

dang that is very grammatically incorrect.

Well, melancholy mood from last night passed pretty quickly, I was able to sleep and when I got up there was no return of tearfulness. Today was pretty okay, actually, besides the ridiculous amount of homework our teachers are heaping upon us. Ohhhhggooodddwwhhyyy.

I also hate college prep. Hate it. I do not want to spend an hour listening to our college counselor blab on about how all the seniors don’t turn in their applications so she has to deal with all this stress and-


Gaaah. I poked my eye in French class whilst talking to Dylan, now it’s all blurry and I can’t really see properly. Well, at least not properly enough to perform delicate surgery.


this is more than none. Kudos, Mrs. Grace and Jacob.

I showed Jacob the clusterfuck page (dang, one of my favourite pages) and he didn’t say anything, I will take that as Jacob-speak for “this is not that bad, perhaps I will procure this tome for myself” but I don’t know him all that well. Wasn’t in class with Wil today, else would have showed him too. Lil liked it as well, so did Jamesey, but then I get into the rest of the story and everyone’s eyes just glaze over.


Gotta start on Slaughterhouse Five in February, there is just too much stuff in January at the moment. I am seriously going to like explode or something. FFFF tangent graphs, they make me want to poke out my eyes with needles.

ugh mental image, ugh ugh guh

anyway, summing up this post:

I’m pretty okay. Things are pretty okay. EVERYTHING IS FINE

now go listen to Kevin Barnes tell you to imagine you live in Antartica.


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