association with the elderly

7 Jan

Well, consider my day fucked.

Fuck fuck fuck.
It’s a very satisfying word, you know. Say it. Softly or loudly, depending where you are, but say it anyway. Feel the word come out of your mouth, this ball of anger and apathy and ‘i-could-care-less-ness’. I kind of want to scream it from my rooftop.
Like that.

My dog almost got run over and my dad yelled at me for screaming her name.

Nice message you’re sending there. Way to make my sister cry, daddikins. Way to take out your anger on us. Way to scream at me for getting fucking couscous on the floor. Way to be almost the only person who can get me angry- really angry, not just my usual annoyed. Way to go, dad.

I am quite the cynical bitch.


I’m not going to get married if it means coming home to someone like him.


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