shock me like an electric eel

5 Jan

A caveat to those out there who do not know: Don’t listen to Kid A before going to sleep, like I’m doing. It is scary. It is frightening. I want to get up and change the CD, but the thing is that it’s also really good.

Anyway. Dang. I did basically nothing today besides drawin’ and drivin’ and helping Hannah with Super Mario Galaxy (which, btw, we need some help with on the Purple Coin thing for the Battlerock Galaxy. Ridiculous, I tell you. If you’ve got any tips, lay ’em on me. (that always sounds weird sorry)
Also, tomorrow is the last day of Wonder-Break, so I’m gonna have to go back to school and slog through more chem and math and art history madness. Dang. I also get my new schedule, I am hoping it is not riddled with blanks or terrible classes. I hope I’m in Journalism. Dang.

Today is just a dangy day. Can’t think of anything else to write but this tidbit:

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