let’s pretend we don’t exist

4 Jan

Let’s pretend we’re in antarctica!
Haha, awesome song. Anyway.
Got my report card today, I am doin’ pretty okay if I do say so myself, all As and Bs. My parents, however, are rather nitpicky and continually ask me to do better and better. Okay, so I don’t always do my homework in French class. Okay, so I am extremely bad at getting good results for Chem labs.
I am not a perfectionist; however, my parents are and expect me to be one as well. My little sister is, so they are happy with her (she also has a reason to get good grades besides university), and thus heap their attention on my scores.
I, for the record, am extremely apathetic about these scores.

But that’s a long-winded arguement for another day, so I’m going to tack right to another topic:
Yo Gabba Gabba.
This is the most awesome kids’ show ever. They have musical guests like mgmt and of Montreal play on the show. Andy Samberg did a little dance with some anthropomorphic things. They are encouraging hipster babies.

I currently have the song of Montreal did for them, “Brush Brush Brush,” stuck in my head. It is, quite appropriately, about brushing teeth, but so extremely catchyyyyyuuhhghg

Also, downloaded Rökkurró’s song Ferdilangurinn, it is the best thing ever.


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