escape the carapace

3 Jan

Fjkslfh today, today why did I bother getting up today I feel like a lump of goo.
Didn’t get to download anything and currently suffering for it, I guess I’ll ask Wil to burn me the Xx’s new CD. Kind of glad about goin’ back to class Thursday, as well as getting my license next Monday. I’m a pretty okay driver, if I do say so myself.

So. Been working on a new drawing style, also been drawing some stickers to put up during Jump-Up or the like. I haven’t been to a single one this year and it is weiiird.
Also, I need to get the fuck over Bortglomt as soon as I can because I’m only going to hurt myself by falling in love with him.

Gonna draw somemore, see if I can wrench the main computer away from my daddikins.


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