a small way of saying hello

2 Jan

I dreamt about going to Bonnaroo last night. There was my dad and me and my mom, no sign of my sister, and we drove there in my aunt’s campervan thing but were unable to park for like three hours cos we had to register our vehicle or somethin’. Can’t remeber the rest of the dream, but we did finally start setting up our tents.

Anyway. Wrote some midnight drabbles last night, they are cool and unusual (haha see what i did there haha) and here they are.
trout and trot alike, both questions I ask of an uncertain brood. Your eyes are that of rubies your diamonds arecklightful and I want you as my own paradigm kisses we realize your life is what I trust or darkness lightening our never will attach together how else would it fade like so, our eyes crumbling your minds fearing the worst we have to offer
Your comprehension of the lazy days would amaze and break others, though we wish our minds were suddenly showers in an existential shower, our inhibitions lost in a subtle flurry, our codes blue greened into the light our favourite pastimes, green, blue. Occasionally you alwayw celibate pool screw wonderful with all attacks our monster in the crib. They a millionaire oh our world is full of skulls who that’s terrible who is now a sweater.
Armageddon dislike the settings of the accurate assassin corrupt and dastardly which we’d swap because it’s far too entertaining.
To be right off, blueberries ah god I think quite are some sand you will get of nile, something.
Now it’s merely (unintelligable) even if my stead place of soft milk I love to search all that lives
Both mine…perpendicular…the hour
I love the(scribbles)
Well, that made a lot of sense. Haha.
Also, in case you’re womdering why I’m doing all this writing at night, it’s to find song lyrics. I do not think in rhymes. But occasionally, looking through all this scrawled nonsense, I sometimes find some good ideas. You should try it. You don’t have to do it every night, just whenever you feel like it. And start scribbling. Just don’t fall asleep on your book. It’s not comfortable.

Well, only a few more days of break left. Hopefully I can get a beach day in with my friends, but with my last week of driving lessons coming up, probably not. Drat!
Well, on the plus side, Wil is coming home so I’ll be able to talk to him about Neon Bible and White Denim and all that jazz. And I’ll be able to talk to Jacob about music as well. Yay!
Will write more in the near future.

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