final thoughts

1 Jan

Kay. New Years resolutions:

-Firstly, I am going to attempt to start pronouncing things correctly.
-I am going to love with every ounce of my being. Not just one person, mind you, but everyone that comes in contact with me.
-I am going to accept change.
-Appreciate new things.
-Learn more guitar tidbits.
-Grow out of my awkwardness.
-Keep writing on this blog.
-Start silkscreening things.
-Write my own songs.
-learn to wait.
-learn to attack & release.
-learn to carry myself like a member of society (sometimes)
-achieve honor roll? Maybe.
-read up on bands, etc. in order to be a better music-reccommender.
-Question my motives.
-never surrender.
-try something new and not addicting.
-learn Swedish. Rudimentary Swedish, that is. Nästa:
-go to Bonnaroo.

Goodnight. Have a wonderful New Year’s. I hope your hangovers are gentle and you are able to get up for work tomorrow. Or, if you’re like me, I hope you wake up when you feel like it and have awesome enough dreams to warrant being written down.

Love, Regina/The White Whale.

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