two thousand and ten

31 Dec

Well, only a few hours to go.

I kind of wish I could spend New Years with my friends rather than my parents-maybe have a little champagne (like a single glass- I am not an advocate of binge drinking) and count down together, loudly. Haha! Oh that would be fun. Perhaps next year, if I can arrange it.

I think it’s about time for an AWESOME THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS YEAR list. So:

•France. I went there.
•New Orleans. The Quiz Bowl team goes there and proceeds to have a blast. Besides Monty, of course, who sat in his hotel room and ate Pop-Tarts and drank Coke. Ew.
•Ryan first sets foot on island.
•Sierra comes down to visit, tells me about all her boy-drama and gets burned at the beach
•I get into DUNGEN.
•MJ dies.
•The 80s experience mass revival by teenagers
•Passion Pit.
•The Xx.
•I go to Vancouver.
•I get a bass!
• Kyle and Lillian finally are an item… for a month. Then Kyle starts being a bit of a dick and the relationship decays from there, leading to me squishing the tears out of Lil.
•iPhones. Everyone has them.
•Death Note. Bleach. Japanese things are suddenly very cool.
•Lots of new album/EP releases (see earlier post re: releases)
•Bortglomt worms his way into my conciousness
•Lonely Island.
• Flipper babies make Wil cry (from laughter)
•I watch Donnie Darko and instantly respect Jake Gyllenhal
• Sudden Kid A epic
• I start this blog!
•White Denim
•Another Bonnaroo
•French class suddenly gets REALLY HARD
• A Clockwork Orange. Stuck. In my head.
• Dark Knight, Avatar, New Moon all released

I can proabably think of more, but I’ll finish this list tomorrow.
One more blog post today. Probably at eleven/12 or so.

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