a universe of petticoats

31 Dec

well it is raining. Woo-hoo, festive weather.

I’ve been internet-overdosing lately, but for some reason my dreams aren’t reflecting it, which is okay. But last night I dreampt that I got my report card from the office and I’d failed World History. I took that class last year. My mother proceeded to freak out at me, not for failing, but for jumping around on springy shoes.
Trippy dream. I woke up all paranoid that my mom was gonna burst in and yell at me about my grades.

Also did some midnight drabbles last night, here they are:
oysters/ you are my personal machine, my robot my crab my scorpion of how how does the moonlight do that to our eyes, you are heavy and unweildly but I think you are wonderful nonetheless.
Our malchicks are yelling terror-sounding slovos, they’re not hurt stains there’s only us our pride our trust our sad goodbyes our mothers’ cries there’s something new
Oh you are mine.
Sometimes it frightens me, makes me sick ‘n’ stupid over the phone in my mind I sound a lot more intelligent. You are sad and disjointed.
Funeral pyres wires hires oh the rain, ruining almost everything and teaching you hey, that’s kinda cool, you know the way to San José baybe our flower petals shocking our coloured x-mas trees, japanese votes flowin’ round your feet into the terror and the beauty and the reeling and the reeling calls us crossed—
I wanna dry your tears every time you’re sad I wanna be your what’s happening. Let’s all be gaytastic even not every
You’re that blue kid thing kale kamiiiinnaaa

What the shit.
There was a page of completely unreadable scribbles, so I didn’t include any of that. Maybe another day I’ll take the time to decipher it. Today is not that day.

Will write more later.

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