manhattan river line

30 Dec

Kind of feeling nostalgic.

Anyway. Today, once I finally got out of bed, I decided it would be “Dress Like You’re Going to a Concert” day. I don’t know why. But well, there was a lace petson-cozy in my closet and my awesome silk-screened eagle t-shirt had just been washed aaaand
Well, it was fun to run round the house. I like dressing up.

Currently on the couch debating whether I should recommend more bands for Jenna even though I’ve given her like fifty already. Haha. I love being part of the indie subculture.

Speaking of which, when did the indie subculture even pop into existence? Probably sometime around Radiohead’s advent. Maybe. Possibly… Well, it’s a question I will research, I’ll get back to y’alls on that.
Will write more later.


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