gallery piece

30 Dec


This is a page for the Skeletal Lamping webcomic.

I drew it.

It is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever drawn. I am going to draw another page of it later,  based on the next verse (my favourite) which goes:

“I wanna squeeze your thighs/I wanna kiss your eye-/-lids and corrupt your dreams.”


Anyway, Kevin Barnes and his married-man sexiness aside, I sincerely hope that the person who is drawing/writing this comic is kind and uses my pages. If you haven’t checked the rest of the webcomic out, you really should: it’s on the Webcomics page or (if you’re lazy like me) here. It’s awesome. It is also a little unsafe for work (there are boobs w/e coverage)  but aside from that and a bit of swearing, quite PG.

Oh! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! Well, I’m gonna do some resolutions on here. Be ready, it’ll be a long list as I am quite a flawed person. Gonna have a fun time, drinkin’ coffee to stay up until like one. I will not fall asleep.

Neee-onnn biii-blllle, nee-onn bii-blle, it’s true


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