it reels and calls us

28 Dec

Drinkin’ sinus-clearing tea, hopefully it does me some good as my nose is running like Jesse Owens. But I’m recovering. I hate being sick. It is the most feeble thing for me to be, all sniffly and pathetic rather than my usual She-Hulk stride. Bah. Plus I also hate the hundreds of Oriental pills my mother forces me to take, ones that probably have mandrake root and lemongrass ground up inside.
I like lemongrass, actually. Smells delicious.
I just caught a sneeze. Hell yeah.

Aaaalso, also also, I believe I may have boken Agætis’ heart again. Well shitshrooms. Hopefully he does not dwell on what has been said- oh, have I mired myself in a swamp of friendship-turned-romance? Dear god I hope not.

Also, I have a prom plan. Ooohoo. I am not the sort of chickadee who waits for a guy to ask her to prom. No. I am asking peeps. The first one is Bortglomt, though I am pretty damn sure he is going to decline. Then I go to Agætis, who I believe will accept, but if not I go to Jamesey. Well, if he doesn’t accept I start asking random dudes. That’ll work eventually.

Haha! Oh, this’ll be fun.

Aaand going pier jumping tomorrow, woohoohoo.

Will write more later tonight, probably in the next ten minutes.

2 Responses to “it reels and calls us”

  1. skinnytiejump 12/29/2009 at 12:09 am #

    Blare, this is Ryan. You have not broken my heart. Please do not continue righting about me in code…. its not very mature. I really don’t mind being your friend, but i need you to know that I’m not your “sure thing plan B.” Alright? I’m asking Katie to Prom. If you want to talk about me in a public forum, please use my name…

    Thank you,

    Ryan Lenau

  2. skinnytiejump 12/29/2009 at 12:11 am #

    oh fail… lol writing… f**k u broken safari auto-spell correct

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