upon these rocky shores we shall lay our heads

27 Dec

there is, and I know I go on about it so often and so repeatedly, triumph embedded deep within our souls.
I have to remember that every time I listen to Sigur Rós, as otherwise it makes me cry. You try listening to Vaka alone in your room. See what happens. It is deep and somber and makes some little piece of my heart, some ventricle, contract and pulse in sympathy. There is a deep underlying sadness in the song. I tried to listen to it once, when I was still recovering from various revelations that shook/shifted my universe (or at least the universe I knew) and I cried, oh I cried, but when it was all said and done, when the last notes had finally faded, I realized that I had nothing more to cry about. And I wiped the snot off my face and looked at myself in the mirror, red and blotchy and bloodshot, and smiled a little.

Ah, the past. As of Montreal writes, it is a grotesque animal, and in its eyes you see how completely wrong you can be.
I was pretty damn wrong, and am still feeling the effects with Wil and the others, but I am trying to fix my wrongs. Trying.


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