somehow, someone

27 Dec

Oh, the lazy days.

Since most of my family is out of commission at the moment, we haven’t done anything all day, which surprisingly sits quite well with me.
What does not sit well is the loud music filtering through my door and busting my relaxed mood. The CD my little sister has placed upon the speakers is none other than the much-loathed (to me at least) Only By The Night. I have half a mind to waltz in and turn that mofo off. But no. I will sit here and let dear Dan Auerbauch (that is probably not how you spell his name, ah well) sing raspy blues wonders into my ears.
Well, my sore throat is slowly retreating, but my nose has begun to run. That I can deal with.
I’ve just partway finished making a list of bands I want to see before I die, and it’s pretty epic-looking. Hopefully I go to an urban university so I can sputter about watching Spoon stagger across the stage or Jonsí strum his guitar with a bow or Thom do that funny space alien face he doeswhen he sings real high- I want to experience all of that. I want to paint my face and go see Kevin Barnes do his dances. I want to be in the mosh pit of My Morning Jacket. I want to give Wayne Coyne a high-five or hug.
Oh, this life! It is one of infinite possibilities!

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