european echolocation

23 Dec

Well, today was the most unproductive day ever, besides the awesome video I posted previously featuring Kevin Barnes doing a little dance. Sexiest dance ever, I tell you.
Tomorrow, I am going pier jumping with Lil and possibly Ryan. I love pier jumping. It is the perfect way to spend christmas eve. I love living in the Caribbean. Of course, Wil is up in New York probably freezing his ass off, but he’s enjoying it. He’s Icelandic. The snow’s in his veins. But I’d much rather be here, never mind my Canadianness.
I am looking forward to opening gifts- my loot looks interesting this year, and with any luck I will have gotten some CDs and an iTunes gift card so I can download that Electric Feel remix. The Justice one. It’s great.
Going to do some
Midnight drabbles tonight if I don’t fall asleep too soon like I did last night. I get tired very quickly once I’m relaxed. I also fall asleep at inopportune moments. Like in the middle of parties. Or movies.
Eating dinner, my dad suddenly says, “So if we don’t go to Italy this year, we’re going to Bonnaroo.”
Cue spittake from me.

Well that just about made my day. Gonna look and see if the artist list is up yet. Exciting!

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