everything in its right place

22 Dec

More midnight drabbles:
Somehow your psyche is poisonous to me- you are my safest bet, you are my glorious one, you are my delight and I cherish you forever and ever.
Of course not, the young flower of the sun stretches, feels alright, it is our beautiful love that supports your universal travels- into the pit, into the beats and the creaks of poor society’s demise, our Norse gods flying to defend us with hammers and axes and flying warrior maidens. When will the silly records break and spit the sound among the stars above, we weren’t made for this world, but I wouldn’t want to meet someone who was.
Sometimes the centuars can make me weep; my shallow heart is fragile and may break witha few angry words. You are a bicycle, sturdy but my steed shall not buck me, the king upon the horse. Your language speaks in strange lightning bolt sentences of fire & brimstone, an ancient pact you are the sons of the great forest, we cannottrust ourselves, we are the terror and the reeling and the light and we shall read from our ties and jump about, sparrows released, like doves, oh the pride and the victory
One day your beauty will stagger the land and shine from your soul like a strobe. You are my beautiful one, you are the one I love, but not the one I can have Piano fires telephone wires, we dance and sing to rid ourselves of the devils that be inside our minds are abysses, deep and full of wonders we cannot see, full of the treasures of the stars, the things behind the veil of reality.
I have not been here before this is not happening

Got pretty lucid.


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