with the passion of a thousand angry bees

19 Dec

“I like my women how I like my coffee- in a plastic cup.”
Ffft Eddie Izzard, you are great.
Anyway, found and translated some more midnight scribbles. I say translated as they are nigh-incomprehensible when read.
My dad currently has Kings Of Leon on Pandora playing loudly, and I am kind of still bugged about the synthesizer thing. If it were any other band, I’d be fine with it, but Kings Of Leon! Oh, someone punch Caleb Followill in the face for me. He deserves it, in my humble opinion.
But Kings Of Leon aside, this has been a year of pretty darndedly good music. Let’s recap:

•Passion Pit suddenly appeared!
•MGMT released Oracular Spectacular, giving Josh an opportunity to practice his falsetto.
•Wilco released… Wilco.
•White Denim, suddenly!
•Vampire Weekend releases crappy Horchata thing.
•Fanfarlo eesplodes. Sirius XM plays The Walls Are Falling Down about three hundred times, but no other songs.
•Jonsí and Alex make an album. D’aww, they’re adorable.
•Spoon releases new single, everyone proceeds to go nuts
• Only by the Night, much to my chagrin.
• Death Cab releases The Open Door EP, which was kind of okay but got played ad nauseum.
• Sufjan ditches his States project, which admittedly was a terrible idea to start with.
•Flaming Lips release a new album!
•Animal Collective release Meriwether Post Pavilion, Pitchfork subsequently fanwanks.
•Radiohead song These Are My Twisted Words suddenly available for download
•Matt and Kim. Daylight. Yeeeaaahh!
•Sadly, Incredibad by the Lonely Island. Mankind will now forever be plagued by terrible renditions of “I’m On A Boat”.
•Super Junior, Sorry Sorry. It is quite well known down here.
•Hazards Of Love is released, making Decemberist fans dance in glee worldwide.



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