universal baby showers

19 Dec

I come up with the strangest titles. It’s my way of adding pizazz to the world.

anyway, today I took apart a cauliflower- WHY do people eat them? Who was the first guy who saw an  albino broccoli pokin’ out of the ground and thought “Hey, I bet I can eat that!” He needs to be punched in the face and-


Sorry about that.

I am currently having a pretty good day, despite not doing anything much for the last twelve hours (actually, that’s why it’s so great). My friend Kathleen is having her birthday party tonight, I am going. I will probably have a good time. There will not be anyone I can make a fool of myself in front of, which is a godsend as I do not want to have an existential crisis tonight.

And I actually can’t wait until January, as it is: 1. the month of the SON OF THE CAST PARTY WOO
and 2. Wil’s birthday month. I am going to maybe burn him a mix CD, if I can get my dad to fix it for me.

And also- I’ve been thinking about it, but I might go ahead and reveal a code name in a few days. Might being the key word- I think things have progressed enough that I can-

but the weird thing, really, is that after a while I start to think of these people as having two quite distinct personalities. Like Bortglomt. He has the other personality (his real name) and then the one that I write about- the kind one, the one that randomly meets my gaze. Weird, I know, but still. If you ever try writing with code names, you’ll find out the same thing, I’m pretty sure.

My parents are talking about money, I do not want to listen so I’m going to go maybe play guitar.

Will write more later.

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