end of the quest

17 Dec

I will not worry myself with Twwed and Fauberge’s love dodecahedrons anymore. The winter holidays are coming up, and as Wilco says, “distance has a way of making love understandable,” and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. With any luck I will learn to slowly accept this tryst betwixt two of my closest friends.
Going to do more midnight scribbles tonight, I’ll post them tomorrow along with some preliminary sketches for the settings/atmosphere/design of my Kid A comic. Maybe going to start it on a different blog, or on Smackjeeves if I’m feeling HTML-adventurous.
Got inducted to NHS today, now I get to spend my lunches listening to Acquaintance Jake talk about freestyle speeches whilst Nerissa tries to get something done.
Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.

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