come on, chemicals

17 Dec

i’ve been waking up and sobbing all night but I know I shouldn’t be
some faulty emotional balance I presume
what makes fauberge so much better than me, tweed? is it the height? the domineering attitude? the wit?
and I am ashamed to be so jealous, but sometimes it is the only emotion i can feel right now- i need a comforter, a soothsayer, a person to hold me close and tell me everything’s gonna be alright, a shoulder to lean on in my embarrassing weakened state.
i love you tweed. you are great in so many ways. but I understand you will never reciprocate my feelings, so can we put New Orleans behind us and just be friends? Not this stupid awkward friendship we have right now, but legitimate friendship without worries, free to say whatever.

That’s all I ask, if it’s not too much.

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