unrealized possiblilities

14 Dec

possibilities haha, there are a lot of i’s in that word.

but: today I realized something.
Life is not a thing that we can just “experience”, it is a string of moments that we must be active, that we must find, that we will create to suit ourselves in the best manner.

and that’s my philosophy for the day.

Watching Passion Pit perform on Jimmy Kimmel:  no one knows who they are, you can tell by the audience reaction shots. They’re all screaming ‘cos they’re supposed to, but no one knows the words to the song or what they’re doing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But they’re making noise, so the audience must scream and clap and make that “yay rock!” hand sign that only your dad makes, occasionally, when he’s trying to embarrass you in front of your friends. He tells you it’s just for fun, but you know he’s trying to scare those darned teenagers out of the house. Up to no good, they are.

But I digress.

I’ve always loved it when writers do what I’ve just done- take a monologue and suddenly twist the point of view to hilarious results. Okay, maybe mine wasn’t quite hilarious, but still, I tried.

Well, done writing for now.


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