oh, the lazy days.

12 Dec

well, I suppose that this is what saturdays are made for, sitting around, listening to Radiohead and wishing I was a little insane- mildly insane.
Wouldn’t it be kind of nice to just go crazy? It’d be liberating, I figure, but there’d be the consequences of, oh, being shunned by society and possibly being placed in an insane asylum. I suppose you’d have to maybe enjoy the confusion around you, as well- perhaps like being perpetually on a bad “high”- monsters and demons whirling around.

that is why I have never tried hallucinogenic drugs, besides the moral guardians continually yelling “SAY NO” and “IT WILL KILL YOU” and all of those slovos. But you know that every one of them, however long ago, have tried it. They preach what they do, or did, and we are expected to grow up ideal citizens- oh, that will never happen.

because as long as there is youth, there is rebellion, and as long as there is rebellion there is the opposite of the ideal, the un-ideal. and we will carry the un-ideal until we have our own generation to guard from our personal demons; the cycle repeats.

But I hope that maybe we can shift the cycle- we can accept the un-ideal and go with it; no one is human. no one will be perfect. No one.

sorry about that little tangent, but…
I am in Art History this year, and whilst going through a list of worldwide religions I discovered Taoism. And wow, it makes a lot of sense.

I’d never been much of a Christian to begin with; sure, I go to church, I read the Bible, I sing the hymns, but for me God was just some dude lounging around in the heavens taking people’s complaints and telling them everything would be okay if you were nice to people. It’s a pretty good thing to believe in, if you’re the sort of person who needs something to believe in, something that’ll forgive everything wrong you’ve ever done and let you start with a clean slate. But I never really got into it.

So when we started reading into Taoism I started to dig it. Let me paraphrase it: Taoism is all about going with the flow. There is one Path, and everything is going on that Path, like it or not. Things are going to change, and if something goes wrong now, you will only do harm by attempting to fix it. Everything goes back to itself, everything fixes itself, all will work out in the end.

And damn, that makes a helluva lot of sense.

I mean, people bust their hearts and their bodies due to stress, trying to fix what’s wrong with their lives. And these are people who are the presidents of Fortune 500 companies, trying to get even more ahead in life-

and they don’t think that maybe, maybe, they should take a breather.

Big business is utterly ridiculous to me- thousands of people trying only to climb up the ladder, trying for more, more, more. Eventually everyone gets to a point where there is no more, but the human mind seems not to be able to grasp that and kind of implodes. People go nuts at the top tier. People go nuts with all that power.

So- take a lesson from mediocrity- it’s okay. It’s okay not to be at the top tier. It’s okay to work. It’s okay to not be riddled with power. It’s okay not to be the top of your class.

‘Cos everything’s gonna work out in the end.


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