in case you haven’t guessed

2 Dec

oh, you don’t need to play with my heart; I wish you could just sing out what you feel ’bout me, if it was mean or loving or in between. Just tell me- the truth is better than anything else you could give me.

Well, that felt good. Listening currently to Rocks and Daggers by Noah and the Whale, this may be the song I make a music video to. I need to borrow myself a camera though, and soon- perhaps my Journalism/Broadcasting teacher will let me do so. Or maybe I’ll do it in Flash! (No.)

I’m all video-centric because of a few things: Firstly, Acquaintance Jake and Wil are doing a movie for their senior projects, and listening to them talk excitedly about it has sparked my interest. Secondly, I’ve been watching Blogotheque videos practically nonstop and I cannot get my mind off taping a band. A real band!

Also sort of confused (hence the opening paragraph) about that damn Bortglomt- I really think I’ve mired myself in a swamp with this one. He is everything I’d ever wanted, and dammit how long did it take to figure it out? A long friggin’ time! Plus he wears the most awesome clothes- a man with fashion sense. Yes, please. If only to compensate for my utter lack of matching ability.

But it is just irritating, not knowing and wondering and waiting.

I will keep waiting.


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