keyboard mashing doesn’t even begin to cover it

30 Nov

okay, okay okay. Getting my thoughts straight is a long and arduous process, let me attempt to do so.


I have just asked Wil to burn me the Dirty Projectors album, the one with the dots on it, the one whose name I cannot remember. He played some of it over the speakers in the Pavilion before play practice, and it sounded wonderfully electric/acoustic and I want to examine that phenomenon further.

Kind of happy right now. Kind of excited for Saturday, as that is the cast party REPRISE day, and also kind of excited for Wednesday, which is my best friend in the universe’s birthday. YAAY

I have a niggling feeling that this week is going to actually be really okay, like nothing is going to fall on me. Speaking of falling, I think the gravity is especially strong today- I leaned over on a stool to put a pen into a jar and fell off. I…I don’t even know how it happened, but Acquaintance Jake and Wil stuck their faces over the table to ask if I was okay.  I was, somehow, but I kept tripping over my own feet for the rest of the class. Luckily I didn’t break anything.

I need to start learning Swedish, actually. I am planning to enter an exchange programme when I go to university and spend a semester or seven in Sweden, which would be absolutely fabulous.

Also, yesterday night, as I’m about to pass out, my dad sticks his head around my door and says “So! 2011! Bonnaroo, baby!!”

Of course this makes me sit up in glee, saying “Really?!” and kind of giggling.

“Yeaaaah! Or the next year. You can come down from college and meet me there!”

Oh, dad. There is a lot of stuff that goes on at Bonnaroo, and I am pretty darnded sure there are some illegal substances being passed around. If of Montreal plays there, I am very darnded sure. According to Wil, who has a friend who has gone to one of their concerts, it is very loud and smells strongly of weed. Fun.

Bonnaroo, if you’re wondering, is a HUGE (!) music festival that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee. It is amazing. Lots of awesome bands play there. HERE is where you can find the website, which has a list of the bands there. The tickets cost 210 dollars when you pre-order them, but it is SO WORTH IT SO WORTH IT UAAHH I WANNA GOOOOOOOO


sorry about that.


Well, I’ll write more tomorrow.



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