i’d like to see the nothingness

29 Nov

I’m home! Oh gosh, I have not wanted to return to my lovely abode so much after a trip, never ever. I now have several awkward tan lines (including a farmer tan and a temporarily red neck) and school tomorrow, and I just finished my homework. (Or at least what I’m going to do of it.)

I also just scrobbled over 100 plays on my iPod. That, my friends, is dedication to a cause. I really like Last.fm, though I know exactly two people on there (one L- Wil and two L -Will) that I cannot find for I do not know their usernames. UGGHHH why do I have a bad memory

(for the record, if you are looking for me on Last.fm my username is nannerspy)

Also, been writing lots of poems and drawing lots of doodles, most of which are nonsensical or just plain weird. They are awesome, however, and involve a lot of things from Riceboy (which I linked to earlier, somewhere). I may get around to scanning some things in the next little while.

also: Last.fm is recommending bands I already know, does that mean I’m doing something wrong? I should hope not-

and also also: been thinking more about Bortglomt and I believe I am finally coming to a conclusion. I…aishiteru, is the best way to put it (albeit in romanized Japanese.) Aishiteru! It is probably wrong Romanized Japanese, but the thoughts behind it are what counts, and he’d know what it meant if I said it to him right now. Haven’t seen him for a while.

Well, that’s about all for now, as I am actually getting tired because of the ridiculously long boat ride. My dad is watching something about a pawn shop on TV, I am probably not going to watch it.

Will blog more tomorrow.


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