oh, dreaming softly

22 Nov

Lately I’ve been having very vivid dreams, very incredible and strange dreams involving mostly the same cast of characters.

Right now, they’re: Genna, Lillian, Acquaintance Jake, Wil, Bortglomt, Tweed, occasionally Agaetis, and my Great-Aunt Barbara.

No idea why they have deemed themselves important enough to begin frolicking about my dreamy landscapes, but there they are, acting quite unlike themselves. Jake, who is an (to quote Audrey) “angry writer”, usually ends up acting floofy and kind of almost high on some sort of chemical. Wil, who is rather mellow and not the sort of guy you’d expect to beat you up, usually becomes some sort of fearsome person. I have had a dream where he was a serial killer who hit people over the head with wrenches. Including me. Not a scary dream, somehow. He got captured by pink spherical aliens in the end, however, so it all worked out alright.

When people ask me where I get my art ideas, I am kind of tempted to lie and say something outrageous, but in reality it’s all in my dreams. Dreams!

I am actually going to write this entire blog post about dreams- man I am lame. I…I’m going to draw. Okay? Okay.



(oh, and my essay/resume worked out fine.)




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