hey there, life

20 Nov

School ended and I took about five minutes to realize that it’s the weekend, therefore I don’t have to go home and slog through my homework for two-odd hours. This is good! And next week is Thanksgiving break, which will probably be awesome. My family is going over to St. John with a few other families and camping out on the beach, so that will be quite entertaining.

Still listening borderline-obsessively to Skeletal Lamping, as I keep hearing it I find things I like more and more about it. That tends to happen quite often with albums I’m unfamiliar with. For instance, when Wil burned me The Soft Bulletin and I’d never heard the Flaming Lips before, I put it in my CD player and listened through it once. I hated it. Listened to it again. It grew on me. Listened to it about four times and I started to really like it. After about seven listens I loved it, and still do. With albums I’m familiar with (OK Computer, for instance), I just start finding little details every time I listen to the song. Some things on that album sound much different when you’re using headphones, and it’s neat to realize that.

So for the last day and a half I’ve been reading  Rice Boy, a beautiful little webcomic with a very cohesive and frenetic (yay, big words!) plot that has positively gorgeous art, very deep little remarks, and a little horned orange creature named Gerund. The same artist has drawn another comic (on the same site) using similar characters from (presumably) the same universe, but I have yet to sink my teeth into that.

Speaking of reading things, I am facing a dearth of good literature. All I’ve read in the last few months is A Clockwork Orange, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Skinny Legs And All…and maybe the first few pages of The Shining. I need to read more. I already have a list going; it includes Slaughterhouse Five and House of Leaves, both of which I need to get around to reading, and soon. Any suggestions?

That about wraps it up for today, except that I need to learn some guitar songs that can be played by three or two guitars at the same time. YEEAHH JOURNALISM GUITAR FREAKOUT POTENTIALLLL



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