probably wondering

19 Nov

alright. I probably should not be writing this, but here I am, kind of looking out the window to make sure my dad’s not pulling in (because he’d be angry that the dishes aren’t done)… actually, I’m going to go do the dishes.

Hang on.


Alright, the dishes are done and the potatoes are in the oven; I am theoretically free to blog, though that might change as soon as my father walks into the kitchen. Ah well!
Anyway. Wil and I have been talking about Pitchfork’s biases, and as far as I can tell they:

  • Hate Beirut (one of my favourite bands)
  • Love Radiohead (to an excess)
  • Love Fuck Buttons (apparently!)
  • Love Flaming Lips (and so do I)
  • HATE Owl City (a sentiment shared)
  • …etc.

Basically, they’re pretty darndedly biased about quite a few bands.

But that’s okay!

…I really don’t have much else to write about, except that today was AWESOME besides the fact that I kind of failed a math quiz (I hate memorization, and we had to memorize sines/cosines/tangents) but I will fix that soon.

Anyway, will blog more tomorrow, maybe if anything exciting happens.



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