you are likely to be eaten by a ghoul

18 Nov

First off: Skeletal Lamping is completely, totally about sex. All sorts of sex! Sadomasochistic sex! Sex in the kitchen!
And the great thing about it is that these bawdy songs are ridiculously catchy, to a degree that boggles my mind. It runs like a single ridiculously long album haphazardly subdivided into littler songs: I am veryreminded of the first three songs from Hissing Fauna. The lyrics are typically colourful, as per their style, and there is wonderful disco/slap base everywhere!
I have yet to reach Id Engager, probably my favourite song off of this album, but I will wait.
Secondly, I sold my first piece of art today! My Journalism teacher, Mrs. G, has asked me for five of my prints. I was going to give them to hr for free, but she insisted on paying twentyfive dollars for them. Sweet!
I am digging this song, I have no idea what the bloody hell it is called, but it’s so ridiculous and so frenetic and just so marvellous.
Today, Wil and I had a bit of an argument over the better album betwixt Tio Bitar and Ta Det Lungt (both by the fabulous Swedish psychadelic band Dungen). I usually listen to Tio Bitar while I draw, to relax, and therefore I insinuated it was better than Ta Det Lungt. Wil was firmly on Pitchfork’s side, refusing to budge about Ta Det Lungt. Well, this morning I listened to the aformentioned album again, and I have to admit: it is a lot better. The album structure (pardon my french) is positively f*cked, however. Which is probably why I like Tio Bitar for drawing. But come on. Du Ar For Fin For Mig knocks the socks off of C.Visar Vagen (probably my favourite instrumental).

Dammit Acquaintence Jake, did you forget Id Engager?! Ugh!

Ciao all.

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