it’s not the dream

17 Nov

-that makes us feel.

Been listening to My Morning Jacket’s song Steam Engine borderline-obsessively, as I cannot bloody stop being addicted to the little guitar riffs and his voice- the best kind of country twang, slow southern rock and the right amount of sustain; this song is glorious. I probably will not be able to listen to almost anything else for the next few days/weeks/years. Wil, however, cannot burn it for me, as he greatly prefers earlier My Morning Jacket and does not own this CD. Dammit!

Also been listening near-constantly to Agaetis Byjrun, off of the Hvarf-Heim album (Sigur Ros)- it seems easy enough to play, so I may learn to do so. Great song! I am curious if it sounded that good in the actual album, but it sounds bloody amazing on Hvarf.  I tend to like acoustic or live versions of songs better than the original- case in point: Cold War Kids’ At Fingerprints EP, which trumps Loyalty to Loyalty’s versions of Every Man I Fall For and I’ve Seen Enough. There’s something nice about the static silence that you get when bands play live- inbetween the chords and the drums, there’s a moment where you’re holding your breath, waiting for the next note, and it’s in that moment of hesitation when you see something truly great.

Music has quite the effect on me- it’s almost like a drug of sorts. I tend to base my moods on different genres of music- and certain songs, without fail, can either make me so joyful, or stagger about, or cry- but at the same time I know these feelings are only mine, and no one else feels the same about them.

Like Id Engager makes me giggle hysterically- it’s so damn happy, and easy to dance to- and it’s all about randomness; the lyrics are nigh-incomprehensible. But when the beat starts and he just screams for no apparent reason, I can’t help grinning and kind of bobbing my head. of Montreal is a very entertaining band. Their The Bird Continues To Eat The Rabbit’s Flower is just plain awesome, with songs like “When a Man is In Love With A Man” which is just about the awesomeness of gay/lesbian relationships, and how straightness is somewhat banal. I feel pretty badass, using banal correctly in a sentence. Doesn’t seem like the type of word you really need to use. But there it is, on the list of SAT words…I’m rambling, excuse me.

Back to music.

…ah, screw it. I’m out of ideas at the moment.


Will write more (hopefully) tonight, but most likely tommorrow. Woo!



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