and the heavens open up

16 Nov

this is probably the single weirdest school day ever.

Let me explain:
This morning, it started to rain. Hard. People kinda took it in stride, like “oh it’ll go away in a few hours, just give it time” and went on with their daily lives. Usually that is what happens, but not today- it kept raining, and raining, and raining, and since our school is open-air  (the classrooms are actual rooms, but instead of hallways we have sidewalks) the water began to flood the sidewalks and the ditches. And it kept coming down. Now, at approximately noon, about three-quarters of the student body is trying to leave, the other quarter is waiting for rides/the buses to arrive, and there is general soggy confusion everywhere you look. All of this because of rain!

I’m sitting in Mrs. Grace’s room watching people walk by and telling Jamesey and Mrs. Grace their dilemmas, and it’s quite intense. Again, a weird school day. A weeeiiirrd school day.

In other news, I’ve been listening obsessively to Steam Engine by My Morning Jacket, Agaetis Byjurn by Sigur Ros, and I Start To Run by White Denim. All good songs.

Will write more when I get home. See ya.


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