winsome and wondrous

15 Nov

So it’s over – no more practices, no more pre-show musical freakouts, no more shrieking with laughter backstage. We’re done.
I didn’t want it to end, but I think when I finally handshaked Acquaintance Jake goodbye, it was the last thing I’d do as a member of the cast.
I am writing this feeling less-than-tired, though I know I should be tucking myself into bed rather than writing blog posts.
But I will not sleep for a little while longer; I know there are still a few more minutes of bliss to be wrenched from this day, and I’d be loathe to miss them.
Also a little conflicted about some mental stuff, but hopefully said matters will resolve themselves. The good news is that Tweed and I are on our way to having a nice friendship. The bad news is that there are two more to fill his place: Bortglomt and Agætis. Both uniquely wonderful, both mind-bogglingly hard to choose between.
Ugh, finally getting tired. Goodnight, readers.


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