soy una perdedora

15 Nov

okay so the song goes “soy uno perdedor” but I am not a guy so I have to change the endings. At least I remember enough Spanish to do that, though I will probably forget to for the rest of my life.


today I woke up at eight, fell asleep again, woke up again, and repeated the cycle until I finally dragged myself out of bed at ten. Stayed in my pyjamas until three-
today is a wonderful lazy day.

Already did my homework, so that front is taken care of, but there seems to be some sort of humongous void in my life- there is a hole and nothing I know can fill it in. The play was indeed wondrous and fab, but now that it’s over I have nothing to do.

I will move on.

but in the meantime, Bortglomt Edit is making me want to rip my hair out- he’s tacit and impossible to read and utterly utterly (dare I say it?) glorious. But again! I am the sort of person who thrives off of  other’s emotions, thus I find it incredibly difficult to try to carry on a conversation with Bortglomt.

sorry about that; random freakout.

I’ll write more tommorrow, when I am actually thinking properly.


oh and:

kid A character design uno. whaddya think?


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