castles floating in the birdcage sky

13 Nov

I am probably the most downright pooped I’ve been in the last year and a half. Play practice has proceeded to suck all the vitality out of me, despite my feeble protests. All my grades in my classes are slowly sinking lower…hopefully I can fix this problem soon. Tomorrow is the last performance, sadly, and I will be reduced to a jelloid mass by the end of it. But cast party! Yaaaay! I am excited.
In other news, been listening to very mellow music recently (currently, C.Visar Vagen), stuff like Sufjan Stevens and Wilco and some Death Cab. But the song that really has the power to rendr me speechless is Sigur Ros’ Agætis Bjirun (or however it’s spelled). The piano! The acoustic guitar! The little minor bits! I love this song; I would like it to take up residence in my heart for the rest of my life.
Well, getting tired here, plus I have to take off my makeup so I don’t smudge it all over everything (I hate stage makeup with the passion of a thousand angry bees), so going to retire for now. Will write more tomorrow.
Ciao, all.

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