dig yourself, lazarus

11 Nov

dum dum dum dadada dum dum dum is how the song goes, but I have yet to actually download it and learn all the words. It’s ridiculously catchy, however.

Anyway. Whilst downloading the Run Toto Run cover I mentioned earlier, I noticed that -lo and behold- they’d generously attached their original song from their possible single (i’ve no idea if it’s being sold or not) and I downloaded that as well.

It is some good stuff, right there. The song’s called “Plastic Gold” and it is registering about halfway between folksy and electronica. I am twentyfive percent sure the band does not have a drummer, and drum machines usually bug me, but I barely noticed in this song. The melody is sublime, the lyrics are rather nice, and it quite reminds me of both Noah and the Whale and of Montreal. (Later of Montreal, to be exact.)

Well, gonna go shower. Will blog more later.


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