uncomfortably perched on tree limbs

9 Nov

So I typed up my Kid A epic, three separate times (there was copying and pasting involved) and just this morning, when I got up, I realized-
I forgot a track.
So began a spiral of “Nooo!”s that could be feasibly found in any reasonably popular manga. I will fix this problem, as the song in question is sort of like a prequel (in case you’re wondering, it’s Everything In Its Right Place) and will not really affect the plot of the rest.

Anyway. Waiting for Fancy Pants Adventure 2 to load, it is probably the most addicting Flash game in existence, excepting maybe N. My buddy Sam decided to play it nonstop in homeroom, and the N craze has swept the high school like a bunch of locusts.

Wrote the above during a terribly boring Advisory period. I am currently recovering from the worst day in the history of pretty bad days, though I am currently downloading the Run Toto Run cover of Sleepyhead. Gangsta stuff, right there. It is airy and non-electronic and everything you could possibly want in a Sleepyhead cover.
I may need some coffee tommorow morning. Ugh, ugh I feel so terrible, I could probably implode and no one would notice the difference. Ugghghghghghhghdfelaea

right. Ciao then, everyone.

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