god, make up your mind

8 Nov

As soon as my dad stops playing Fallout 3, I will be typing up my rather strange narrative based on Kid A. Apparently the album’s supposed to be about the first human clone- I took that idea and ran with it.
In other news, I am positively wallowing in confusion and miscommunications- is it possible for Yahoo! to just randomly put people’s emails in the Spam folders? And how can you tell if your account’s being hacked?
I may have broken someone’s heart without meaning to, thus the seemingly endless questions. But I will deal with that tommorrow, hopefully with more tact than usual.
Zap!, our play, is starting this weekend and I am psyched. I cannot wait for this pile of hilarity to be performed for the general public. I am positively writhing in glee…you know, that sounds prrretty damn weird, so we’re just going to gloss over that there.
My back hurts.
And it rained for a solid six-or-seven hours this morning, I caught myself thinking we were in the middle of some deity-ordained flood.
Currently listening to Cold War Kids (hence the title), not helping me think properly. Ugh.
Will write more later today, if possible.


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