little clouds cooling

6 Nov


Made meringues, they are cooling on the countertop. I suppose it’d be nice to be able to make meringues, so here’s both a picture and the recipe.



You need three egg whites, about a quarter teaspoon cream of tartar, a teaspoon and a half of almond extract, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. Let the egg whites sit until they’re at room tempurature, then add everything else and beat it until it’s foamy and kind of holds its shape. Then, bit by bit, add a cup of sugar. (It has to be granulated sugar, not that raw sugar or icing sugar- the raw sugar won’t dissolve and the icing sugar has cornstarch in it.) Set the oven to 300 degrees. Keep beating the egg whites until they’re at the stiff peak stage- when you take the beaters out, the little peaky things should stand straight up or just flop a tiny bit.
Get out your handy-dandy pastry bag, or a zip-top baggie with one corner snipped off. Take out some cookie sheets. You don’t need to grease them or anything, it will work fine. Squish out a bunch of little meringues, whatever shape you like, then put them in the oven for twenty-five minutes.
Twenty-five minutes later, turn the oven off and leave the meringues alone for an hour. You can take them out after that, and nom to your heart’s content. Yay! Meringues! Now just don’t forget to turn the oven off.

You can substitute the almond extract for any other extract, or lemon zest, or you can add food colouring, or cinnamon, or what have you. It’s delicious!

Ciao guys.


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