i’ll come around when you’re down

6 Nov

Finally, finally: the weekend is here, in all its shining glory. I am excited not to have to get up early tomorrow, even though I know that my mother has signed me up to plant trees at seven in the morning. Goddammit, where did my much-needed rest go? Ugh.
Well, besides that, hopefully things will be swell. The emerging conflict betwixt Tweed and I has been somewhat squelched, which I am all too happy about. This is a very promising situation- I am both surprised and pleased by the development.
Alright, what more to blog about? I’m going to post my meringue recipe as soon as I can (I cannot post it now as I am reduced to typing on my iPod) along with some more bands for the Recommended Listening page.
For instance, The Microphones. I have not heard more than thirty seconds of one of their songs, but what I heard was pretty great- kinda Sufjan-y with a few sprinkles of the Moldy Peaches and a tad bit of the somber side of Noah And The Whale. The album’s on Pitchfork’s Top whatever Albums of 2000s. I think. Link will be provided at a later date.
Just rewatched Donnie Darko; it is firmly in my number one favourite movie slot. Come on. It’s got lines like “What’s the point of living if you don’t have a dick?” and “I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!”
How could it get better? Maybe by adding some Smiths to the soundtrack. Still, the school opening sequence, set to “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears, is probably my favourite montage in any movie, ever. The slow-and-fast motion! The camera angles! The music! So great.
My sister is either watching Glee or 30 Rock right now, I cannot tell which.
Cuddle Fuddle: my new Passion Pit song of choice! They played at Bonnaroo just this year. I wish I’d seen them… Sigur Ros played there the year Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust came out. How unhappy am I? Extremely! I wish I’d seen them back then…along with Kings Of Leon, before they released their craptastic latest album.
Alright, I’ll blog more later, once I’m able to post my meringue recipe.
Ciao! Þðëøńžąÿüïłýæå


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