4 Nov

I am both content and confused; parts of my brain are warring against other parts and if it doesn’t stop soon I’m not going to have any brains left.
Ughhh. I suppose I’ll just wait it out for now, though something may have to be done.
Listening to Interpol right now, Turn On the Bright Lights to be specific. I actually prefer Our Love To Admire, but I’ve listened to it so many times that I need a breather.
It’s a mysterious happy-sad! If you would kindly find a better way to put that I will award you with a small chocolate. I don’t… I just don’t know what chemicals are flooding my bloodstream to make me feel this way.
Also: awry. I have pronounced it “aw-ree” my entire life, and just recently was told it’s pronounced “aw-rye.” Who the bloody hell makes up these confounding pronounciations? It bothers me for a variety of reasons: Firstly, I know a lot of words only from books, and never got to hear anyone actually use them. Secondly, I am Canadian and so everyone assumes all Canadians speak like me, which I am pretty damn sure is a lie. Ugh, America. Why can’t you stop your children from being immature?
Three blog posts in one day. I think I’m done here.

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